About the authors

Barbara is a retired middle school teacher, who lives in Boulder with her husband. She has always had opinions and hasn’t been too shy about sharing them. Just because she lives in Boulder, one shouldn’t assume she has all liberal ones. Since her children seem a limited and inconvenient audience (they don’t live at home and have honed selective hearing), she has embraced this opportunity for a wider and, perhaps, more receptive, audience.

Marilee worked in Washington, DC, for 40 years, starting as a receptionist on Capitol Hill. For the majority of those years, she headed legislative and public affairs departments at various trade associations. (Clarification: in this context, the word “affairs” covers lobbying and public relations…not sex). She retired after over 20 years as the Executive Director of a trade association whose members made her happy to get up in the morning, which is generally impossible. She is not a morning person. Marilee moved to Colorado to be with family and avoid the stress of air travel to visit them. And, to discount shop and do fun stuff like this with her sister.