Wrinkled Wisdom – We’re Cutting Loose!

We are vaccinated! We are leaving the house, often! Still wearing our masks, of course, because we know there’s a slim chance we can get Covid and there are still questions about whether we can transmit it. The new variants are a bit scary. Nonetheless, we are feeling cocky. 

We’ve had dinner and drinks with friends and family at home and in restaurants. We’ve returned to the grocery store. We were getting tired of the substitutes in our bags at pick-up and love making spontaneous decisions about dinner. We have gotten haircuts, manicures, and pedicures. We’ve been to the zoo. Its timed entries limiting the number of people enjoying the animals kept us all safe. We did cringe as the grandkids ran their hands all over the glass and handrails and then, of course, touched their faces! Oh well, we looked at it as building immunities.

We are ready to play bridge in person, foregoing our online games. Others, we hear, are joining the club—Retired Old Men Eating Out. Yes, it’s real. Tom Brokow introduced readers to the club in his 1998 book The Greatest Generation. We’re eager to see theatrical and dance performances and movies, if Hollywood finally produces one we actually want to see.

After living in sweats, pajamas, and leggings for a year, we’re wondering if we’ve lost our sense of style. Buttons, zippers, and buckles are back. We’re reintroducing ourselves to our closets. And, we’ve gone clothes shopping! We are so excited to touch and fondle the clothes. But, sooo disappointed that fashion has taken a tie-dye turn. Been there, done that! And the fabrics seem ready to stretch and fade. Another example of “planned obsolescence?” And, we’re entertained by the clothes still dominating retail stores…sweats and jeans.  Hey, how about some post-pandemic options???

We’ve been to the dentist, doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, and masseuse. Many body parts needed these visits. No Zooming with a dentist, period. Zooming with the doctor just wasn’t the same. Are home blood pressure and oxygen finger cuffs really accurate? No way to palpitate a body part. PT via Zoom is totally awkward as one holds up and/or explains the offending body parts. Never did figure out how to place the computer so the therapist could see if we were doing exercises correctly. Speaking of Zoom, sure wish we had bought their stock at the beginning of the pandemic!

And, we’re heading to the airport! Statistics show that plane-ticket sales are being disproportionately fueled by seniors. Interestingly, the news isn’t as good for hotels, suggesting we oldies are traveling to see friends and family. Guess exotic vacations are still on bucket lists.

Don’t know about anyone else, but we have actually found there are some good uses for masks. It really helps to wear one while cleaning the cat box. Why didn’t we think of that before? But then, a year ago, we didn’t have masks all over the house and in every pocket. Also, one is helpful when working outside raking leaves or splitting wood. Some are finding it an effective allergy deterrent. And, we must give a shout-out to masks and hand-washing for low flu rates this past year. Sure didn’t mind wearing one outside when the winter temperatures hit minus degrees.

And there are so many awesome masks! As Vogue commented, masks are not a fashion accessory, but they sure take up a lot of real estate on your face. So, we’re all looking for aesthetically pleasing ones. While we used to say “great shoes,” we now say “great mask!”

One of the unexpected positives of leaving the house is escaping those annoying phone calls we’ve all had to bear throughout the pandemic. So exasperated with calls labeled spam risks, telemarketers, anonymous, name unavailable, or unknown caller. We’re not picking up. Stop calling!

So, our wrinkled wisdom for today? Get out there and have some fun with your vaccinated family and friends. Head into your closet and get organized. We are going to be wearing all those ignored pieces shortly. Start humming The Golden Girls theme song, Thank You for Being a Friend.  Buy some fun cards that say “I miss you” and send them to family and friends you hope to see soon. And follow up with a call to make a date. Perk up their day. Perk up your day. Let’s cut loose!

P.S. Advocate for vaccines in less developed countries to ensure we maintain our recovery while modeling American generosity.  It’s a win/win, especially if you want to travel internationally.

One thought on “Wrinkled Wisdom – We’re Cutting Loose!

  1. For a year I have set on my front porch, and not the coffee shop patio.
    The disadvantage of my porch is there is no-one to visit with. The advantage of my porch is there no one to bother me.
    Yesterday went to patio for 1st time this year.


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